I offer my work in the following sizes and formats.

Example of Giclee Canvas Print Of Shari Erickson's Oil Painting

Giclee Canvas Print

11″x14″ Giclee Canvas Print – $139 USD

A high-tech Giclee-process image, printed on canvas stretched on a traditional wood frame.  Each one is hand varnished. Sizes are industry standard so they can be framed with ready made frames.  Normally ships in 10-14 days.

Larger Canvas Sizes:

Images are also available in larger sizes as a Custom Giclee Canvas Print on stretched canvas in the following sizes:

  • 16″x20″ $198
  • 20″x24” $298
  • 24″x30” $398
  • 30″x38″ $549
  • 38″x48″ $739


Giclay (zee-clay) is French for “sprayed ink”. It is the most modern method of art reproduction. An original painting is digitally captured with a high resolution camera called a “Phase One” and then transferred to a computer with special color management software. Then a large inkjet printer sprays the UV stable, pigmented inks on the artist’s choice of media. The resulting continuous tone, intense color is unparalleled.

Example Of Polychrome Print Of Shari Erickson's Oil Painting

Polychrome Print

8″x10″ Photo Print in 11″x14″ mat – $49 USD

11″x14″ Photo Print in 16″x20″ mat – $59 USD

A 8″x10″ high quality polychrome photo print mounted on foam-core board and matted to 16″x20″ with 7-ply white on white-core mat. It’s sleeved in clear plastic with a bio insert.  Normally ships in 2 days.


The subject is digitally captured, tweaked in the computer, then chemically printed on emulsion enhanced paper. The continuous tone color is saturated and accurate.